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Primary Academy

Year 6

Thursday 2nd April

Morning everyone, today is the second lesson on You Tube from the Western Approaches. Today the topic is rationing and food here is the link.

Please watch is as part of your topic lesson.

Please complete another two pages in your maths CPG book.

Complete your Spag boooklet (if you already have choose a new section in your CPG spag book).

Complete the next section of your CPG reading booklet.

So today is the last day of term, i won't be posting daily work on here until MONDAY 20th April as ot is the Easter holidays. Please keep checking the websites as there will be activity ideas being posted that you can do at home during the holidays.  Keep chatting in teams and have a break after today, you deserve it!! See you on the other side....


Wednesday 1st April

Morning! Here are todays home learning tasks:

Maths: Choose a NEW TOPIC in your CPG maths book (homework book) that we haven't learnt about in class. Use your independent learning skills to have a go at completing that section. You can find tutorials on You Tube and Maths is Fun.

Topic: Find a project to make do and mend. Did you find anything with holes in? How can you mend it? Could you sew it learn a new skill? Take photographs/write an explanation for housewives of WW2 how they can save their items by making do and mending items. What other ways can you reuse items in your home without throwing them out?

Spag: Continue with tense booklet.

Reading: Read for at least half an hour throughout the day.



Tuesday 31st March

Morning Everyone! I'm adding a tab into 'One Note' called PHSE. If you are finding isolation tricky or just want a chat without it being seen on Teams drop myself or Mrs Dawber a note and we will find a way to contact you. 

Your tasks for today;

Maths: Drop down list below- all about angles.

Science: Drop down list- edvolution task.

Spag: continue to complete booklet.




Monday 30th March

Morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend. Read today's instruction carefully as some apply to the rest of the week.

Maths: Arithmetic test (look for todays date below).

Spag: There is a presentation below for 'word class' and a booklet to work through, this is an area we still need to master in year 6, especially in preparation for secondary school. Go through the presentation as many time as you need to and then complete the booklet. The booklet is to be worked through this week at your pace, not all in one go!!

Reading: Complete the next text in your CPG book. Underline parts of the question and check your answers, have you used the reading skills you have built up this year? 




Friday 27th March 2020 

Morning everyone!

So we are a week in and you have been doing great! I have put on some topic for today, in preparation for a project next week, there is also a maths challenge and a short reading task. I have deliberately put less on today as i know there is lots of work that some of you need to catch up on. Take the opportunity today to go through all of the drop down list below and complete the tasks you haven't yet completed. Please remember to tell Mrs Dawber or myself (through Teams) what you have completed on One Note so we can mark it. Enjoy today, the weather is supposed to get a little colder over the weekend so if you have the opportunity to get some exercise in the garden take it. 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning Everyone! It has been so good to speak to those of you that have been in touch through Teams. I hope you enjoyed your museum visits: you can of course use you that link whenever you feel like a trip out.

So today we visit somewhere else for more of our topic work, we go to Liverpool and have a real life History lesson in wartime Liverpool, look in the topic task in the drop down list below. Some maths challenges are on there for today and reading is to complete the next section in your CPG books. Remember TTRS and keep reading. PLEASE REMEMBER: Let Mrs Dawber and I know if and what work you have completed work online so we can see it and mark it. We are working through your workbooks to give you feedback .  If there are some tasks you haven't yet completed you can always go back and catch up, they are all still available below and on One Note. Remember if you accidently delete a page just copy and paste it from the content library.

Have a good day x

Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Please find all of todays work in the drop down section below. All the tasks have todays date.              Read your tasks carefully. Don't forget to keep going on TTRS and reading everyday. Keep in touch through Teams messaging where we can all chat together. If you do complete any work on One Note please message me on Teams so i don't miss it. 


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning everyone! I have uploaded all of todays tasks onto One Note. I am checking them regularly and can see that some of you are completing your work electronically which is great! I have provided feedback to those i have seen. If you can't complete electronically use your paper work book. Please go to the drop down list below for a maths starter (choose a suitable level), maths tasks, spag and writing. In addition to this please complete the next text in your CPG reading book and answer the retrieval questions.  Check out Joe Wicks on YouTube for your daily exercise, I'm joining in. Any questions just email. Please remember to keep challenging yourselves: if there are any questions you are stuck on use the Internet to help you!!

Have a good day.                                                                             

Monday 23rd March 2020 

Morning, todays tasks will be available in the drop down list below, I will also put them onto One Note so you can complete them directly into your online workbook if you want to. If you can't then you can use your text book (paper version) that was sent home in your pack. 


Choose a starter either bronze gold or platinum to complete from todays date.

Complete the maths sheet today choosing appropriate tasks that you can complete-as always CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Try to complete 45 minutes of maths.


Complete the writing task set for todays date, include as much year 6 criteria as possible. No more than 1 page in your paper work book is required.


Complete the spag task for todays date.


Complete the task for todays date.

REMEMBER: You know how to access your electronic work books in One Note, i would prefer you to complete tasks where you can on there so i can see it and give you feedback. If it isn't possible, don't worry!! Complete the work in your paper workbook, date the pages and remember exemplary presentation is required. I will have a look at it when we are back at school. 

Have a good day!



Friday 20th March 2020

Here are todays tasks, please let me know if you are having any trouble. I'm checking workbooks and can see some that have not been completed. Please ensure you are completing the work set, it will support your learning whilst off school and ensure you are prepared for your return to school. You are all being amazing and i'm so proud of how you are rising to the challenge of this new way of learning.



Please complete the maths task in the drop down box below, choose your level and challenge yourself!!

Complete the white rose ratio assessment which can be found in one note.


Please log into one note for todays reading task. It will be in the reading tab: click on to todays date. Complete in your work books (choose an appropriate level of challenge).

Read for half an hour (not all in one go if you don't want to). 


Log into One note for todays science: its is continuing our evolution and inheritance topic. Choose the level of task that you know can complete and then challenge yourself. 


Complete two more pages from your CPG SPAG books of your choice.

Thursday 19th March 2020

Complete pages 24 and 25 of your CPG Spag books (active and passive voice).

ONE NOTE TASKS: ENGLISH, MATHS and SPAG all have tasks to complete. 

TTRS and reading!!


Wednesday 18th March 2020


Complete the remaining questions for the text 'The Baking Battle' in your CPG reading text books.


Complete pages 22-23 in your Spag CPG books 'Subject and Object.'


Practise your timetables on TTRS.


PLEASE NOTE: I will be posting work on teams throughout your home learning period. You can use your blank text book for your work.