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Primary Academy

Year 3


Welcome to the Year 3 page

All home learning tasks will be sent out on our class notebook in teams. This is something that we have used increasingly over the past few weeks in class. On this page I will post a summary of the tasks, and the sections of the class notebook where you can find them. 


Thursday 2nd April

Have a tremendous Thursday Pandas!

Today’s tasks- these can all be found in the home learning section of your class notebook.

Guided Reading- I have sent you some more questions about the same picture that you were sent yesterday. Think carefully about the ticking questions- remember to eliminate those which you are certain are incorrect before making your choice!
Maths- I noticed that a few of you struggled with comparing fractions in yesterday’s work, so I have sent you some slides, and further questions to practise. I have also made a “How to” video for this on flipgrid- I will post the link in our class chat, but you can also use the flipgrid Launchpad to find it.
​​​​​​​English- We are letter writing today! See your class notebook page for the planning grid, and more details!
E-Safety- I have created a new section in your class notebook called e-safety, with some tips for staying safe online.


Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Pandas,

Wednesdays are usually our P.E days!
If you can, find some ways to be active today- Joe Wicks is doing a daily P.E lesson at 9am every day on YouTube, and we also have our super movers videos, or you could try some Just Dance videos!


As today is out P.E day, I would like you to design a Joe Wicks inspired workout! I have created a workout of my own to give you some ideas. I can’t wait to see your creations! You will need to write details about each exercise, as I have, to help make your work out easy to follow. 

Maths: Some super fractions questions- make sure that you read the question carefully.

Reading- I have sent you a picture, and some questions to think carefully about.


Tuesday 31st March

Hello Pandas!

English: On your class notebook you will find a picture, and a story starter.
I would like you to draw an illustration, and write a descriptive paragraph of what you think the girl will find when she steps into the mysterious portal.

Maths: We are practising our multiplication using the grid method. Look at my flipgrid video if you need a reminder for how to complete these questions.

Reading: Please find time today to read a book you enjoy. No jobs to do, just read for enjoyment :) 


Monday 30th March

Hello Pandas! Hope you have a marvellous Monday!

Today’s tasks- these can all be found in the home learning section of your class notebook.

English- Last week I asked you to design a robot. Some of you have created your robots and sent me a picture- they are amazing! Please create a persuasive poster/advert for your robot, that could go on TV or in the shops, to persuade people to buy your robot!

You will need to think carefully- what can it do? How will it help people? Why is it better than any other robot?

Guided Reading- I have posted a text and some questions for you to answer, about garden birds. Have you seen any of these birds in your gardens, or flying past your window?

Maths- We always practise our arithmetic on Mondays! I have sent you your questions to your class notebook.


Friday 27th March 2020 

Have a fabulous Friday Pandas!

The work for today

English: We have been looking at the girl and the robot, so today I would like you to create a robot of your own. Produce a labelled diagram, like mine (I’ve sent you it on class notebook). Over the weekend, you could build it!

Maths: We are going to be revising multiplying by 10. I have created a flipgrid video to remind you how to do this, and I have set you some questions. The video link is on your class notebook.

Reading: I really enjoyed those facts yesterday! If you didn’t get chance, please create your flip grid today.

Thursday 26th March 2020 

Happy Thursday Pandas!

Reading: Please research something you want to know more about, and tell me 3 facts- I will send you a flipgrid link on a new Launchpad to do this. The subject can be anything you like- except spiders!! Here are some suggestions:
Any other cute fluffy animal with less than 8 legs
The Queen
The planet Saturn

Maths: I have sent you some fraction questions.

English: Please write a descriptive paragraph of the girl in the clip we have been watching. Make sure you use some super vocabulary, and add in interesting details. You can describe how she looks, her clothes, and how she acts (e.g. is she kind, clever etc) I have included a check list on your class notebook for you to check your work against when you are editing it and improving it. You could complete this either on the class notebook, or in your red book that we sent home. If you do write this in your book, please send us a picture of your work! You adult can email it to me, or add it directly onto your notebook page. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Have a wonderful Wednesday Pandas! 

Wednesdays are usually our P.E days!
If you can, find some ways to be active today- Joe Wicks is doing a daily P.E lesson at 9am every day on YouTube, and we also have our supermovers videos, or you could try some Just Dance videos! I have sent you a P.E ideas page on your onenote to have a look at! 


Today we are going to focus on spelling. Using your spelling list that was sent home in your pack, find a few words (maybe around 3 words) that you do not know. If you need to, find out what they mean- either using a dictionary, or google to help you. Then, practise spelling them in as many different ways as you can think of! I have done some examples to give you some ideas, on the class notebook, but here is one to get you going:

Exercise (since it is P.E day!)

Maths: Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.

Reading- I hope you have had time to do some reading. Please choose one book that you have enjoyed, and write a book review.

I have also set you an assignment to complete on reading eggs.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Happy Tuesday Pandas! 

Today’s tasks- these can all be found in the home learning section of your class notebook.

English- Continue with yesterday’s work. This was a big task, so as I said yesterday, I have allowed two days for this to be completed.

Guided Reading- I have posted a text and some questions for you to answer. 

Maths- Today we are doing some consolidation of prior learning, looking at place value.

Don't forget to look at the useful websites, and active activities part of the website for more things that you can do. 

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello Pandas!

Today I have posted for you: 

English- we are sticking with the same film clip. I have taken a screenshot of different parts of the clip, and you need to think about how the girl is feeling at these points. Is she feeling happy? Frustrated? Angry? Justify your thinking by telling me why- e.g. I think she is feeling frustrated because.....  You will need to look carefully at the picture, and perhaps re-watch the clip to help you with this task. This will take you a little while to complete, so this task will run for two days.

Maths- on Mondays we always practise our arithmetic skills- your questions are on your class notebook. Show your working either on screen, or use your red book (don't forget a date and title!) to work these out accurately.

Science- We have been looking at light, and more recently, reflections. Can you design a new bag that will help keep children safe if they are walking home in the dark? More details in our class notebook!

Friday 20th March 2020

On your class notebook in teams, I have added a video link (the girl and the robot, which we used yesterday), and a task. Have a go! Don't forget to include lots of exciting adjectives (describing words), adverbs (like suddenly, slowly, carefully) and some exciting conjunctions (because, however, although, since). Once you have done your writing, don't forget to check though and make sure that it makes sense.

If you want to make your writing super exciting, use a thesaurus (don't forget you can use google to do this, if you don't have one at home) to uplevel some of your words. You could even try to include one of our words of the day!


Check your class notebook for today's maths! Take care with your calculations!

We are looking at light in science, and in this weeks lesson we were going to be looking at reflective materials. What can you spot around you that is reflective? Have a look, make a list, and record it on the flipgrid! (I have sent the link to you in out teams chat!)

Thursday 19th March 2020


Choose some words from your spelling list to practise at home. Could you practise using lego, or play doh, spelling these tricky words? You could also try some of the other activities we use at school to practise spellings, like using curly letters, or bubble writing. 


Don't forget to keep reading your reading books. Could you read a non-fiction text, and add an interesting new fact that you learn to our flip grid? I have sent you the link in teams!
If you don't have a non-fiction text at home, could you do some research online?


We are looking at an interesting new film. The film clip, and some questions, are waiting for you on our class notebook, accessible though teams. 


Continuing our work on fractions, your work has been sent to you on our class notebook, through teams. Don't forget to keep practising your times tables- you could complete on of the times table activities on the class notebook, or use timestable rockstars.

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Guided Reading:

In our class notebook, please complete the reading comprehension that has been sent to you. You need to look in the guided reading section. 


We are consolidating our existing knowledge- please have a look at today's maths page in your class notebook. Once you have completed the tasks given there, please complete a times table task of your choosing, also on class notebook.


We are going to be showing off some of our snazzy writing skills. Have a look on the page in the English section of the class notebook for todays work.