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Primary Academy

Year 1 (The Penguins)



























Fortnight beginning 2.9.19 - 9.9.19


The children have got off to an absolutely amazing start since the beginning of the school year. They have had lots of new routines to absorb and a complete change in how they learn. They have taken it all in their stride and we are super impressed with them. 

The trickiest thing to get into the routine of doing has been our morning job that we have to complete before assembly time. They did do these in Reception, however we now do them in our books and the children have had the challenge of finding the correct page before starting. We are beginning to master it now.  

We have spent some time learning what each subject is actually all about before we go into the content as most children have never realised they have been learning about things such as Science and Geography. The children have had so many new things going on since joining Year 1, they have been fantastic and you should be really proud of them.  

We can’t wait to continue our learning adventure together!